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Holy Fire Reiki I March 2021. GMT ON Zoom. Message for date.


Learn how to use this fabulous self healing energy to balance your energy and optimise your vibration. Law of Vibration is the primary law to Law of Attraction.
So how do you raise your vibration, how can you attract the right thing?
As Holy Fire Reiki ®️ Is a pure and loving energy which attracts...Are we sending the right message into the Universe; change the message and you will start attracting abundance in your life. Our destiny lies within us, deep rooted in your subconscious mind, as it can’t differentiate real and imaginary; what you imagine, you become. If you only see ‘lack’ in your life, that will be, you are what you think.

Work with me and Holy Fire Reiki to fully apply this new way of working. I can attune you to use the energy. You can have a loving energy attunement to bring, peace, love, abundance and prosperity. We protect and ground to ensure the energies are protected.
Sharon Anne Thomas, Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki Master, Holistic therapy teacher. Message on 07588699809.