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Ho oponopono, EFT release Workshop, Holy Fire ®️ Reiki


How would it feel to feel lighter without the negativity which is a heavy energy around you?
What would it feel like to be at zero with no direct pressure on your shoulders, your back, on your head? (as this is where sometimes the pressure feels heaviest)
Are you ready to release any limiting beliefs, Expectations, pressure, stress, and let them go filling that space with love and light. Thursday 18th February 7.00 -8.30pm.
If you are truly ready Join us on a deeper dive with Ho’oponopono, Emotional Freedom Technique and Holy Fire Reiki experience where we release, clear then fill with the wonderful energies of Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki cutting cords, setting free, sending back any one else’s expectations in love and light. Message for more information ❤️